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For over two decades Wright Christian Academy has worked to establish its reputation for academic excellence. We are committed to providing a first-rate college preparatory education, with 95% of our graduates moving on to higher education institutions, such as Baylor, MIT and West Point. But our educational achievements simply cannot tell the whole story.

When visitors spend time on our campus, they often comment of leaving with an impression that Wright Christian Academy "is much more than a school…it's a family." And they're exactly right. At Wright Christian Academy our students feel like they belong, and we’re proud to be a community of people gathered around the life of Jesus. It’s within an academic environment where we invite our students to learn about and experience the love of Jesus, and share that love with the world.


Jessie KuykendallJessie Kuykendall – Class of 2006
National Merit Scholar
Thomas Pickering Graduate Fellow

“Now that I am a few years away from high school, I am able to see even more clearly that attending WCA was one of the greatest blessings of my life. ‘Academically, WCA prepared me extremely well for a rigorous college education. More importantly, the individuals and the curriculum of WCA taught me how to be a person of God that truly seeks to know the heart of our Savior.’ Many schools have the ability to educate, but what I learned at Wright Christian Academy goes far beyond that. Whether I was worshipping with my friends on a retreat, playing sports, or doing community service with my class, I now see that all of these times were building blocks of a firm spiritual foundation that has served me immeasurably well in the world.”

Alicia Montgomery
Mother of daughter Libby-6th grade

"Words cannot describe the sense of peace I feel knowing my daughter is getting a quality Christian education at Wright Christian Academy. With the guidance of her exceptional teachers, she continues to grow not only academically, but spiritually."

Mitch MeyersMitch Myers – Class of 1990
President, Thermal Specialties

“As I look back on my years at Wright Christian Academy, I know that I was immensely blessed to have the opportunity to attend, and owe my parents eternal gratitude for investing in my future.  I am committed to sending my children to Wright Christian Academy, as it is important to me that they have the same opportunities that I was afforded.”

Nancy Ruffin
A Grateful Grandmother

“I can truly say that we were blessed to have had the honor and privilege of being a part of such a superior school, where all are treated like family and where all of its members work together in unity for the sake of all of the children.  The profound effect Wright Christian Academy has had on my grandchildren will be with them for the rest of their lives.”

The Merritt ChildrenChristian and Shawna
Parents of Greyson, Joe, Thatcher and Ellie

"After learning that the school our children had attended for seven years would be closing, we frantically searched for and toured several other Bible-teaching, small, private Christian schools in the Tulsa area. As soon as we visited Wright, we knew that God had answered our prayers. From the excellent facilities to the thoughtfully planned curriculum, WCA is a good fit for us. The staff and other families have made us feel most welcome, and the teachers' love for my children is a source of great joy to this mother's heart. We can see now that, as sad as we felt leaving the strong roots at their former school, the strong academic environment, intentional progression toward spiritual maturity, and focus on Christ-like serving at Wright will provide even greater benefit to each of our four children as they progress in their education."

Teresa Mcllory

“The decision my husband and I made to send our children to Wright Christian Academy was one of the best we have made. Wright Christian Academy was an extended family for our children. It was a place I could confidently send them in the morning, knowing they would be greeted by teachers who had a deep love for empowering children with knowledge, and most importantly, sincerely loved my children for who they are in Christ.”

Tim RushTim Rush – Class of 1990
Missionary, Guadalajara Mexico

“When I look back at the 20 years since graduation, I see windows of opportunity God put in front of me to walk through by faith. I see a God that walked with me, opening my eyes to the possibilities of what could be. And I'm grateful for my Wright Christian experience that helped lay the foundation for this spiritual walk. Friends, teachers, coaches and administrators; God used each, on a daily basis, to begin molding this lump of clay. I will be eternally grateful for those that taught me to read and write, work hard and to serve with joy. I'm grateful for an atmosphere that prepared me not only for college, but for life as well.”

Tim Bragg – Class of 2000
FBI Special Agent

“As I reflect on the influence Wright Christian Academy had on me, I am confident that the environment of mentorship fostered by the faculty and staff molded me into the man I am today. The challenges I faced both in and out of the classroom prepared me for the rigors of college and beyond. But, most importantly, the one-on-one interactions I had with my teachers and coaches outside of school taught me necessary life lessons and helped lay a strong spiritual foundation that prepared me to be a husband, father, and leader.”

Erin Lasarsky CarleyErin Lasarsky Carley – Class of 1997
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

My instructors at Wright Christian Academy had a remarkable impact on my subsequent life and career. I was well equipped academically for the rigors of a post-secondary education, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics. I found my level of learning to equal or excel that of my peers from other educational institutions.

More importantly, however, is the spiritual instruction I received at Wright. The teachers were able to provide a thorough and contemporary education built on the foundational principle of a living, loving and sanctifying God. This prepared me for not only the academic challenges I would face, but the personal, social and ethical challenges, as well.



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