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A Prayer for the Start of the Year

Our Father in heaven, how fearful a vocation is that of teaching. O Lord, we hold in our hands the shaping of young lives. Make us faithful to our craft, O Great Teacher of wisdom and truth. Let us be diligent to the discipline and labor required –  and in our labor, may it be your breath that stirs our students to greater devotion to you.

Grant us an unmerited wisdom to anticipate the needs of our students and a sensitivity to the uniqueness of each life. Let our classrooms be places for the expression of love, fear, thoughts, hopes, sorrows, and celebrations. Inspire us to tell in words, of the holiness of your presence made manifest in all tasks at all hours of all days.

Help us to know that you are equally present in our failures and in our successes,

In our sleep and in our wakeful hours.

In our tears and in our laughter.

In the giving of life and even in the hours of our deaths. 

You are ever-present with us.

Move within our classrooms, O Spirit of God! Stir our minds. Stir our hearts. Stir our imaginations and may we remember you always in all places and at all times.

We remember your grace and your love.

We remember your comfort and your mercy.

We remember your beauty and your wonder

We remember your instruction and your holiness.

You are here. You are with us in every moment.

Every moment is holy. 


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