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Meet Mr. Stacy Green



Stacy Green


What is your role at Wright?

I am the Athletic Director and Teacher at WCA.


What brought you to Wright?

My good friend Jermay Holm asked me to move to Tulsa with him and his family.  We asked God and felt it was a faith move for and in our lives.  So, we asked God to sell our house and he did in seven days.  This was a miracle because houses weren’t selling in that area.  We prayed again and found the house we live in now.  We prayed again about Deachole’s job and God opened that door.  Then we prayed again about me finding a place where I could do ministry and He answered again.  So, in short, we are here because God has moved mountains and placed us here.


What is one of your goals for this school year? 

To inspire someone to learn more about God and Technology 


Tell us a little about yourself:  

I am married to Deachole Green, I have three children Elijah, Yanni and Josiah.  I enjoy playing sports.  I play a few video games and I love the Texas Longhorns.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to play video games and relax.  


What is your favorite Bible story or verse?

I have a few but here are the ones close to my heart:  PS 27:13-14 and I try to live out Matt 5:13-16.

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