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Meet Mrs. Holley Campbell

Holly Campbell


Mrs. Holley Campbell


What is your teaching assignment at Wright?

I teach the visual art classes for 1st gr. – 12th gr.



I have a B.S. in Housing, Design and Consumer Resources with an emphasis in Interior Design.


What brought you to Wright?  

Our daughter started Kindergarten at WCA and graduated in 2009.  In 2002 Mr. Brown asked me if I would be interested in teaching the 6th grade Bible class and so my teaching career began.


What was your first-ever job?

Summer before college I worked at a rubber hose factory in McCook, Nebraska. I connected odd lengths of rubber hose and coiled them up.

After college I worked at an architectural firm in the interior design department. It was there that I met my future husband.


What do you do in your spare time/special interests/hobbies?   

I enjoy sewing now with an emphasis on quilting. Putting colorful fabric together is a wonderful artistic outlet for me. I collect fabric! Lots of it!  I like to go junking and getting a great buy!


Guiding scripture of spiritual thought:  

Romans Chapter 12 – This chapter is so full of wisdom in how to live our lives for God.


What else do you want the WCA Community to know about you?  

I believe we are to share the talents and experiences that we have been given by God with others. In doing this it gives me great joy.  This sharing process helps to bond me with students and others as well. There is the teaching of skills but also the time to show love to the people I interact with and build positive relationships.

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