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Meet Ms. Ashleigh Johnson


Ashleigh Johnson (Ms. Johnson)


What is your teaching assignment at Wright?

I teach English for the 7th graders, 8th graders, juniors, and seniors. I teach Comp. I for dual credit and an ACT Prep elective.



I have a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education from Oklahoma Wesleyan University, a master’s degree in Education also from Oklahoma Wesleyan, and an English Graduate Certificate from Emporia State University.


What brought you to Wright?:

I knew of Wright Christian Academy and the Brown family from my time at OKWU, but I had never really imagined myself working in private education. I always thought I would get a job teaching in a public school after graduating with my masters. Things changed in 2016, when Nancie Brown passed away. In many ways, Nancie was the matriarch of the academy, and there was a huge void. While there will always be something of great significance missing from WCA in her absence, everyone was very gracious to welcome me warmly into the WCA family. This community’s generosity is something I find to be both inspiring and unique. This is my 4th school year at Wright, and it has become my home.


What was your first-ever job (teaching or general):

I was a substitute newspaper carrier for a few years, and then in high school I worked at the pool every summer.


What do you do in your spare time/special interests/hobbies?

I love books, movies, good coffee, good conversation, and the outdoors. If I’m not at school or a sporting event, I’m probably involved in one of those things.


Guiding scripture of spiritual thought:

I’ve always loved Romans 5. Verse 8 says: “God shows his love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” This is such an incredible reminder that Christ died to pay for my sin before I even knew I needed help or asked for His forgiveness. I did nothing to deserve His grace or mercy, but it was given to me freely and willingly. I hope to extend that kind of unconditional love to those around me. I’m extremely thankful that even when I fail, His “grace abounds all the more.”


What else do you want the WCA Community to know about you?

English is just one of the many things I enjoy “nerding out” over! I’d love to talk to you about cheese, sweaters, music, dinosaurs, history, sports, current events, pop culture, or the universe.

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