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Senior Spotlight: Emily Benitez

Emily Benitez, Senior Spotlight


Emily Benitez


How long have you attended Wright Christian Academy? 

This is my seventh year at Wright. 


What will you remember most from your time here at Wright Christian Academy?

I will especially remember the passion and care all of the teachers have had and have expressed to their students. They go the extra mile in caring about the students as a whole person instead of purely academically. All of my teachers have been devoted to their work and have been great examples as Christians.


Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Currently, I am considering a major in elementary education. So, in five years, I will hopefully have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and will possibly be teaching in an elementary school in Tulsa.


What advice would you give to the incoming Freshman class entering high school for the first time?

Work diligently and do the best you can, but don’t stress too much. Spend time forming relationships with your peers and teachers. No matter how many times you hear someone say “cherish your time,” you will still feel time has rushed by at the end of it. The only way you can lessen this feeling of losing time is by putting a lot of effort into being intentional in every season of life, including high school, and by striving to glorify God in all that you do.

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