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Senior Spotlight: Maddy Murphy

How long have you attended Wright Christian Academy? 

4 years! From freshman year to senior year.

What will you remember most from your time here at Wright Christian Academy? 

It’s always a place to connect with the people around you; always a welcoming place for newcomers. As a freshman moving from a big public school to a fairly small private school, I was very scared to see what would happen. Everyone at Wright has been together for years of their elementary and middle school experience and I’m just getting there right at the beginning of high school. I thought it was going to be hard to fit in and hard to make relationships. I was proven wrong as soon as I met my class for the first time. They were the people I needed. They were the people I formed friendships with and the people who made my whole entire highschool experience amazing! Wright is definitely a place you can form long-lasting friendships and relationships with. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Graduating from Oklahoma University with a degree in dental hygiene. Then I will be moving on to dental school, working myself up into becoming an orthodontist here in Oklahoma.

What advice would you give to the incoming Freshman class entering high school for the first time?

My freshman year and overall high school experience was great because of the people wanting to form relationships with me. We are here to make you welcomed as an incoming freshman and want your first year of high school to start off amazing because of the friendships we have formed with you. We are here to have small talk with you in the hallways, we’re here to help you through some troubles you may be having in life, and we’re here to celebrate with you in the good times. No matter what, you can always find at least one person at Wright there to help you. You’re never alone. This is also the same for anyone who is new to Wright in any grade. We are here to build those long-lasting friendships and relationships with you.

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