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Our kindergarten program prepares students for a successful educational journey, equipping them to become life-long learners. Our engaging curriculum enhances social, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth by meeting each child’s specific learning style. The environment is set up to be calming and secure in a 1,200 sq. ft. classroom. It is strategically designed with ten centers for an interactive, age-appropriate experience. This includes the following: art, drama, science, math, engineering, listening, reading, teacher table, ABC, and writing. Every subject and activity is designed with a Christian worldview, partnering with our core values of loving God, loving others, and following Christ.

Wright Christian Academy is more than a school. What sets my program apart is the individualized attention I give each child. I pursue excellence by incorporating units of study, field trips, and in-class enrichments while meeting the needs of a diverse student population. The relationships I build extend past student-teacher to entire family units. It is my goal to get to know my students’ families on a personal level to provide the best possible educational experience and build a foundation that goes beyond their time in kindergarten.

Annie Roe Kindergarten