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Middle School - Grades 6-8

Students are engaged in their academic studies by teachers who are dedicated to the development of the individual student, each with their own unique and diverse gifts and talents.

Middle school begins a significant program preparing the students for the rigors of high school. The Google Apps for Education program begins in sixth grade focusing on collaborative learning, electronic submission of work, and online research, all of which comprise vital college-preparatory skills. Campus-wide Wi-Fi provides the rich resource of the web and students are encouraged to have their own device available for in-class use.

Included in our academic program is an enrichment in Art, Spanish, Technology, and Physical Education. Students engage in retreats, field trips, a trip to Washington DC, and an invitation to participate in Student Leadership University. Middle school students also participate in our weekly chapel program, led by the senior class, where servant leadership is modeled for our younger grades.

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  • Academics

    Core Subjects
    • Bible
    • English
    • History (6th & 8th)
    • Geography (7th)
    • Math (Math 6, Math 7, Algebra I - 8th)
    • Science (Earth - 6th, Life - 7th, Physical - 8th)
    Other Subjects
    • Physical Education (6th, 7th & 8th)
    • Art (6th & 7th)
    • Computer Keyboarding and Applications (6th)
    • Health (7th)
    • Spanish (8th)
  • Enrichment

    • 6th Grade – Retreat at New Life Ranch, Class Field Trips
    • 7th Grade – Retreat at New Life Ranch, Class Field Trips
    • 8th Grade – Leadership Development Class, Retreat at New Life Ranch, Tours of Tulsa, Class Field Trips
    • 8th & 9th – Washington DC Trip – American Christian Tours (Every other year)
  • Sports

    • Volleyball (girls)
    • Basketball (girls and boys)
    • Cross Country (girls and boys)
    • Cheerleading (girls)
    The WCA middle school athletic program is designed with a competitive nature. Because the middle school program acts as a major “feeder” into our high school sports program, high attention is given to developing the skills of the players.
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