• Middle and High School Students worship at WCA's 2023 Spring Retreat

    So What: Rediscovering a Surprisingly Simple Faith

    God is much more than a subject to be figured out. He’s a person you can fall in love with. The Holy Trinity is not just a mystery; it’s an invitation to a new Life – namely, a life of knowing God and being known by God.
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  • WCA High Schoolers attend Fall Retreat, a time of spiritual formation and leadership development at New Life Ranch

    The Vulnerable Leader

    In a world where every man is increasingly for himself, our message is this: in the kingdom, it pays to love. You matter. Others matter. And with Jesus as our example, we can begin to love others in the vulnerable, authentic way that invites our fellow human beings into the Father’s embrace. And in so doing, we might change the world...
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