Middle / High School Chapel

Once a week, our middle and high school students and faculty gather for a time of worship. Chapel is a collaborative experience, providing opportunities for students to step into roles of leadership in worship, hospitality, and AV teams. Each year, WCA faculty prayerfully select a theme that grounds our spiritual formation and provides a foundation for students to explore God’s word in a cohesive, accessible manner. Filled with creative experiences, engaging teaching, and rich worship, chapel allows students to focus on what’s really important and gives a deeper meaning to our educational experience.

Elementary Chapel

We gather to sing, pray, and learn in our weekly Elementary Chapel service! Throughout the school year, students in their respective grades and assigned months will lead Rise & Shine at the beginning of the Chapel, leading our pledges, prayer, announcements, and more. Each week our Pre-K through 5th Grade students sing songs that honor God, pray for our community, and learn Bible Truths to help them "hear the heartbeat of God." We want to help children learn to live honorably with one another and live honorable before God - our Creator and our Savior. 
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